Sticks and stones may break my bones,
but my bullies will never f*ck me.

Dexter Booth has taken everything from me.

My pride, my innocence and my resolve to resist him have all fallen prey to his wicked charm.

And now, he wants to pop my cherry - the very thing that could save me from his cruel reign.

Worse than that though, he's intent on sharing me with his entourage - the Firstborns of Eden Falls Prep.

There are three boys desperate to steal me. Lai. Caspian. Julian. All eager to get their hands on Dex's property.

When a fourth boy joins the mix, I find an unlikely ally. Easton is kinder. Sweeter. But he might just be the most messed up of all my bullies.

I promised myself this town would never break me. I made a vow to run before Dexter knocks me up.

But when running is no longer an option, I realize the choice was never mine to begin with.

It's Dexter who has to pick.

My bully will decide whether he'll put a baby in my belly...

Or ruin me and finally have revenge on my father - the man who destroyed his life.

©2019 by Betti Rosewood.